Mount Holyoke College



Payment due before student commences classes.

Insured amount shown is for the 2014/2015 year and will be
applied 50% to each semester, Fall and Spring.
Please choose the amount you wish to insure:
2014/2015 Academic Year:
$115.00Annual Insured Fee of $10,000
$172.50Annual Insured Fee of $15,000
$287.50Annual Insured Fee of $25,000
$402.50Annual Insured Fee of $35,000
$460.00Annual Insured Fee of $40,000
$632.50Annual Insured Fee of $55,000
If you wish to insure ONE TERM ONLY or AN AMOUNT LOWER THAN THE FULL SEMESTER (OR YEAR) EXPENSES, please fill in the desired tuition below and press the "Calculate" button to find the premium you will need to pay.

If you elect to insure only one term at this time, enrollment for following terms must be completed by the first class day of that term.
First Class Day in Term:  Tuition:  Premium:
9/3/2014$$Fall & Spring
9/3/2014$$Fall Only
1/20/2015$$Spring Only
Applications and payment must be received prior to the first day of classes.
Insured amount cannot exceed student's total liability to Mount Holyoke College.
Off-campus room, meals, or fraternity/sorority charges cannot be insured.