Bowdoin College



Payment due before student commences classes.

The cost covers Tuition, Fees plus Room and Board, if applicable,
and is set forth below:

Annual Coverage Options:

Includes both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 terms:
$495.00- covering Tuition, Room and Board.
$438.00- covering Tuition and Room only.
$445.00- covering Tuition and Board only.
$389.00- covering Tuition only.

Custom Coverage Options:

  • Insure one semester at a time
  • Choose your own coverage amount *
  • Insure amount after scholarship/grants

Please enter the amount you wish to insure in the "Insured Amount"
field below and click "Calculate My Cost".

 Deadline to EnrollInsured AmountPremium 
Spring term1/22/2018$$
Annual Insured Amount will be applied equally to each covered term.
All categories cover activity fee.

Off-campus room and meal expenses cannot be insured.
*Coverage amounts cannot exceed your current year tuition and fees.