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July 2020

Dear GW Families:

A student's academic success depends on their physical and mental health. At GW, we have multiple systems in place to support a student's well-being, including our CARE Network and Colonial Health Center's various services, however, a student may need to leave GW before the semester is completed. In many instances, this means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but due to the current level of educational costs, a significant financial loss. We certainly hope this does not happen, but after working here for many years we know that it does - and we want your family to be prepared.

To mitigate the financial impact of an early semester withdrawal, the university offers the Tuition Refund Plan. This plan, costing as low as $256.50 per semester based on coverage options, is administered by A.W.G. Dewar and protects your educational investment by reimbursing up to 75% of the covered educational costs in the event of a medical or mental health withdrawal. Refund amounts may be affected by your financial aid award. The Tuition Refund Plan significantly extends and enhances GW's published refund policy as stated in the University Bulletin. You are assured of a refund throughout the semester even after GW's own refund policy has expired. To continue your plan coverage, you will need to renew your plan registration each semester.

We encourage you to read the coverage page carefully, talk with your student, and determine the plan's applicability for you and your family. GW offers easy ways to enroll in the plan. If you wish to subscribe to the plan online, please submit the application and payment by August 24, 2020, the first day of classes. Applications will not be accepted after August 24, 2020. A student may also enroll in the program and pay the premium when making a tuition payment in Student Account eBill (after July 1, 2020). The premium will be added to the payment amount and GW will manage the enrollment process for the student.

We strongly encourage you to protect your educational investment. For more information please visit ( Any questions regarding the plan should be directed to A.W.G. Dewar at (617) 774-1555.

Thank you for your consideration and Raise High!

Kiran EdelsteinJennifer Whaley
Assistant Director, Student LifeDirector, Student Accounts

For more information, please click coverage.
For cost and enrollment form click application.

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