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July 2012

To Our Students and Parents:
With educational costs at their current level, we are concerned about the student who suffers a serious illness or accident and has to leave Tulane University before the semester is complete. In many instances, it means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but also the financial cost associated with the lost semester.

We are pleased to inform you of an insurance program, the Tuition Refund Plan (T.R.P.), which will minimize the financial portion of the loss. This elective insurance plan provides coverage for undergraduate tuition, room and board charges. A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. offers this plan, underwritten by Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company, at a cost of $504.00 for campus residents and $394.00 for off-campus students. Please refer to the application page for your specific cost.

This plan significantly extends and enhances the University's published refund policy. Students are eligible for a 100% refund policy throughout the term, for medical/physical withdrawal, even after the University’s refund policy has expired. In effect, you will not have to pay to repeat lost education credits. The chart below illustrates how the Tuition Refund Plan complements our refund schedule for tuition costs.

Coverage Schedule
Date of Withdrawal
The T.R.P.
September 7/January 25100%0%100%
September 14/February 175%25%100%
September 21/February 850%50%100%
September 28/February 1525%75%100%
Balance of Semester0%100%100%

Room and Board charges are pro-rated by the University in the event of withdrawal. The T.R.P. will refund room and board charges beyond the University’s pro-rata share up to 100% of semester fees for covered medical withdrawals. For mental health withdrawals, up to 60% of fees are insured.

We are providing the T.R.P. as an option for students and parents. It is vital that those who wish to participate online submit the application and premium before the University’s opening date of classes. Applications cannot be accepted on or after this date. Questions should be directed to A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. at (617) 774-1555.


Doug Harrell
Vice President for Finance and Controller

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