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June 2015


To our Students and Parents:

With the current level of education costs, we have a concern for the student who suffers a serious illness or accident and has to leave Dickinson College before the semester is completed. In many instances it means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but also the loss of the semesterís cost.

We are pleased to advise you of an insurance program, the Tuition Refund Plan, which helps minimize the financial portion of the loss. This elective insurance plan provides coverage for the Collegeís tuition, room and board charges, which will be $61,826.00 for the 2015-2016 academic year. A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. offers this plan, underwritten by a member company of OneBeacon Insurance Group, at a cost for the year of $495.00 for campus residents and $396.00 for full-time students living locally off-campus. Coverage for students enrolling for varied periods and programs may be obtained for 0.8% of the costs covered.

This plan significantly extends and enhances the Collegeís published refund policy. Participants will be assured of a 100% refund throughout the term, even after the Collegeís refund policy has expired. This is especially beneficial if a student is forced to withdraw and then return for a later term. In effect, there will be no need to pay to repeat lost education. The Tuition Refund Plan complements Dickinsonís published schedules for tuition, room and board charges, so that the student receives a 100% refund at any point in the semester. Please note that the Tuition Refund Plan pays 75% of the regular refund amount for mental health withdrawals.

Dickinson College has no financial interest in this Tuition Refund Plan. We are pleased to present it for your consideration, since it has proven to be an effective means of protecting parentsí investment in their childrenís education.

If you wish to subscribe to the plan online, please submit your application and payment by Monday, August 31, 2015, the first day of classes. Online applications cannot be accepted after this date.


Student Accounts Office
Sally Heckendorn, Bursar

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