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July 2013

Dear Student and Parents:
The cost of education is a major investment for most families. A serious illness or accidental injury can interrupt a student's studies and may result in the loss of the semester's costs.

We are pleased to introduce you to an insurance program designed to protect against this type of financial loss, the Tuition Refund Plan. This Plan is offered by A.W.G. Dewar and is underwritten by a OneBeacon Insurance Group company.

Should you elect to enroll in the Tuition Refund Plan, your tuition and mandatory fees will be insured up to 75% of the cost for the term. The financial burden of repeating a semester could be greatly reduced. The 2013/2014 premium is $310.00 and is shown in the application section. Graduate students may also participate based on the number of credit hours enrolled. Please contact the provider to confirm your specific cost.

John Carroll University provides the opportunity to participate in the Tuition Refund Plan. The University does not receive financial benefit from the sale of this insurance.

This program is administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Questions should be directed to them at 617.774.1555. If you choose to participate in the Plan online, you must submit your application and payment prior to the opening date of classes. Online applications cannot be received on or after this date.

Very truly yours,

D.M. Ward
Bursar and Director of Student Accounts

For more information, please click coverage.
For cost and enrollment form click application.

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