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June 2013

Dear Nichols College Student and Parents:
All of us at Nichols College, and especially those of us who advise students and their families, are concerned about students who suffer serious illness and accidents and have to leave the College before a semester is completed. In many instances, it means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but also the loss of the semester's costs. Situations where families are forced to choose between major financial losses and their child's health are particularly difficult. We therefore urge you to consider the low-cost tuition insurance plan offer described below.

We are pleased to inform you that Nichols College offers the Tuition Refund Plan to our students and parents to minimize the financial portion of a loss due to illness, accident or other medical reasons. This elective insurance program, made available through A.W.G. DEWAR, Inc. (DEWAR) insures that 100% of the insured semester fees will be refunded in the event of withdrawal from the College due to illness or accident and 60% if due to mental health reasons.

We are providing plan information and an application for your review. Please read it carefully. The policy is optional. You are not obligated by Nichols College to purchase this plan. If you wish to participate in the plan online, please submit your application on or before the first day of classes. Online applications cannot be accepted on or after this day.

Please contact DEWAR directly at (617) 774-1555 if you have any questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan.


Lisa J. Campbell
Director of Student Accounts

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