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July 2021

Dear Students, Parents and Families,

I and many others in the Tufts community look forward to welcoming new and returning students to the Medford/Somerville and Fenway campuses this fall. I'm writing today to provide important information about Optional Tuition Insurance.

The cost of higher education is substantial, and it can be difficult to think about adding any additional costs into your budget. Tuition insurance is meant to safeguard your financial commitment should an unexpected health concern necessitate that your Tufts student take a medical leave of absence this year. While this is true every year, in a time of a global health crisis, it may be more prudent than ever before to consider this protection.

Every year, college students around the country navigate many physical or mental health challenges, and some students unexpectedly take time away from their studies. At Tufts, both Student Affairs and Health and Wellness work closely with students whose health issues may significantly impact their ability to complete a semester. Reasons for a medical leave vary and can stem from a concussion, a prolonged bout of mononucleosis, problems with depression or anxiety, or many other health-related conditions beyond one’s control. The University provides a graded tuition refund for all medical leaves taken at the beginning of each semester. Beyond the first six weeks of each term, a student who takes a medical leave without insurance forfeits a substantial portion – or the entirety – of the payments made toward that semester’s tuition. Tufts is pleased to advise you of the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.

The annual premiums covering both the Fall 2021 and the Spring 2022 semesters are:
  • $599 covering tuition, room and board
  • $475 covering tuition only
Please see the Coverage and Application links for complete details of coverage.

The TRP works in concert with the Tufts University refund policy as published in the University Bulletin and website. Subscribers are eligible for a 75% refund of insured fees throughout the term even though the University refund schedule may have expired at the time of withdrawal. For withdrawals occurring during the first six weeks of the semester, the TRP benefits are coordinated with and reduced by the University's refund policy.

Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional, but we strongly encourage you to consider enrolling. If you wish to enroll online, please submit the application and payment by the first day of classes, September 8, 2021. Applications will not be accepted after that date. Questions can be directed to Dewar at 617-774-1555, or to Health and Wellness at Tufts at 617-627-3350.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes for an enjoyable rest of your summer.


Camille Lizarríbar, JD, PhDMichelle Bowdler, MSPH
Dean of Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer for AS&E Executive Director, Health and Wellness

For more information, please click coverage.
For cost and enrollment form click application.

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